This is a temporary landing page for domain. Cyza software platform is a startup in stealth mode aiming to pioneer the next e-commerce generation with Saas & marketplace solutions!!

Prospective Employees

Since Cyza is in stealth mode, you will intentionally not be able to obtain any information about the company unless (1) it is learned during the interview process; (2) it is available in a job posting; or (3) it is communicated to you directly by the company. You are not expected to learn about Cyza prior to the the interview process.

To apply for a position, please email your resume that includes prior experiences with length of time and list of any degrees/certifications to JOBS@CYZA.COM

Authorized Team Members & Partners

For confidentiality reasons, no public information can be shown or obtained here. To access and login to the private dev stage, please enter the designated url and credentials instead.